Application for recognition of INR Training

Doctors performing interventional neuroradiological procedures in Australia and New Zealand may apply to the Conjoint Board for recognition of their training. If successful, their names will be added to the CCINR register of trained INRs. Registrants will  be required to pay a registration fee to remain on the register.

The requirements for INR training are set out in the Guidelines. 

Applicants will need to provide evidence that the training service meets the standards set out in the Guidelines (Section 3). They will need to provide evidence of duration and location of training (Section 4.1), and formal teaching (Section 4.2).

Applications must include a cover letter outlining training and experience (this is particularly important if training was obtained overseas or if there has been a break in training) and also a concise curriculum vitae.  

The logbook of procedural experience (Section 4.3) must be completed using the pro forma downloaded from this site.

Applications must be accompanied by reports from two INR supervisors (Section 5).

Applications will be requested to pay the appropriate fee, which is non refundable, prior to the application being processed.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Start the application process here