Eligible Stroke Centre (MBS Item Descriptor for acute ischaemic stroke)

Eligible stroke centre means a facility that:
(a) has a designated stroke unit:  and
(b) on a 24-hour basis, is equipped and staffed so that it is capable of providing the following to a patient:
(i) neurointerventional expertise (including with staff capable of performing mechanical thrombectomy); and
(ii) diagnostic imaging services using advanced imaging techniques (including computed tomography,  computed tomography angiography, digital subtraction angiography,  magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance  angiography); and
(iii) care from a team of health practitioners,  including stroke physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiologists,  anaesthetists, intensive care unit specialists, medical imaging  technologists and
nurses;  and
(iv) optimised time for treatment and other  processes through coordination with ambulance services and referral  centres; and
(c) includes dedicated endovascular angiography  facilities; and
(d) has staff that participate in regular multidisciplinary  clinical and quality improvement  meetings; and
(e) has written procedures for assessing and treating patients who  have, or may have, experienced  a stroke.